Evolution of Megalab Group Inc

Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world's most cutting-edge laboratories, and high-tech manufacturers.

Garry Lee’s early engineering experience was gained with CSA International and Underwriters’ Laboratory. As a product safety compliance engineer, he identified a client service niche, and established Global Advantage International to pursue a unique way to work directly with clients.
This unique client approach permitted client engineers to “look over the shoulder” and participate in the certification testing process. Potential issues and design improvements were immediately noted, and remedies “kluged” quickly at our client work stations.

Communications with their office design team are readily available, accelerating final design approvals.
Global Advantage’s unique testing style resulted in strong product safety growth, and client demand led to establishing Global EMC, with an anechoic chamber providing wireless certification. Approximately 4 years ago, Garry sold Global Advantage and Global EMC to TUV SUD. During the transitional period, he developed EMTS Lab specializing in environmental and mechanical testing, a different certification channel to assist client in quality control.

Garry and a dedicated team quickly built the EMTS client base which merged last winter with product safety and EMC services as Megalab offering the broadest certification services in one location.

Garry Lee’s entrepreneurial style and drive attracted many past team members to join the new Aurora facility. All certification engineers have more than 10+ years experience and welcome you to enjoy their unique testing capabilities. In total the professional experience of the Megalab technical team exceeds 200 years!


Garry Lee, P. Eng

Garry Lee is a Ryerson University graduate focused on helping clients understand any certification issues quickly, even while reviewing prototypes, leading to faster accreditation and expedited product launches. He speaks to industry groups and hosts in-house seminars to merging product innovators. As well, he is involved with emerging companies and serve as advisor and/or investor.

Vice President

Ashwani Malhotra P. Eng

Joined Garry in founding Global EMC Inc, in 2004, and is a co-founder of Megalabs. In the early years, he built a strong team of EMC specialists that rapidly developed significant client loyalty. His 15+ years’ experience range in many channels including Product Safety, EMC, Laser and Wireless certification programs. Ashwani has worked on leading edge medical devices like MRI systems, Surgical robots, and RF Generators with large blue-chip corporations. Through the years he also supported laser surgery equipment, Military equipment, farm equipment, Innovative broadcast equipment, aerospace and defence gear, and even flight simulators.

Director of Product Safety

Vik Chandna B.Sc Eng

As a final year student, Vik attended a Ryerson seminar where Garry outlined his plans and soon joined as the first Global Advantage International team member. He serves as Director of Product Safety with a focus on medical devices, dealing with unique product safety issues. He was instrumental in helping Baylis Medical certify and deliver more than 10,000 ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Another recent success was FDA clearance for Synaptive Medical to introduce their first MRI system to the medtech world.

EMC Test Engineer

Marty McClear

Is focused on primarily testing and certifying commercial products, including robotics, medical, IT equipment and Bluetooth. As a Bluetooth Qualification Consultant, he works closely with designers on integrated Bluetooth radios to qualify devices to regulatory and compliance standards.

EMC Specialist

Amir Emami, P. Eng

Amir is a Senior EMC specialist with 10 years experience as quailifed test engineer of EMC Wireless tests to a wide range of standards including MIL STD. Recently, he carried out the full certification testing of a medical syringe assembly line.

Product Safety Test Engineer

Andrew Dickinson P. Eng

Has more than 32 years of engineering specializing in product safety testing. In recent years, he left the company to work with a client and experienced compliance issues from the industry side. He was involved in the rebuilding of CBC’s Neve VR Legend Studio Consoles, and also worked on New York services for their Smart City Project. As a senior compliance test engineer, he focuses on medical devices and laboratory equipment.

Environmental Testing Manager

Richard Rolland

has more than 20+ years as an Environmental Lab engineer providing his vast experience to medical, clinical and health care industries. While focussed on medical design and consulting to support new products, he also advises on special testing for unique applications. Recent project experience includes working closely with Morgan Schaeffer, a global utility solutions provider and Megaresistors, producer of neutral ground resistors.

Business Manager

Sreyas Dasika

Was an Environmental Specialist for several years before joining Megalab as the Business Development Manager supporting new client opportunities. He carried out vibration simulation of next-generation autonomous crop-harvesting device and also carried out waterproof testing of COVID ventilator projects under Ontario Special Projects Initiative.

Sales Manager

David Bell, CITP

Worked for several years in international markets before joining Global EMC more than 10 years ago. As the Senior Account and Sales Manager, he successfully developed many new business channels and participates in Megalab seminars informing engineers and designers of potential compliance issues. During Covid, he carried out special inspections on medical ventilators to accelerate acceptance into hospitals.

Global Market Access

Alex Ding

Is a highly qualified Megalab consultant to provide guidance to companies seeking broad market compliances, he support market entry to China and countries that require their own local approvals. For example, a medical device manufacturer with North American certification planning to sell into China, will require local Chinese testing. Alex provides documentation supporting the submission and can recommend the most suitable local facilty suited for testing their units.

EMC Specialist

Raymond Au

Joined Global EMC directly from university gaining 10 years experience with a broad range of wireless certifications. This includes on-site field visits testing MacDon farm machinery, Caterpillar excavators and Calian’s parabolic reflector (satellite dish), and antennae controllers as well as numerous in house client certification support He also carried out on-site RF field strength evaluations (Canada Safety Code 6) for TTC, condominiums, and plastic welders. Recently, he completed a large wireless device certification for the popular payment system, Square, which incorporated multiple wireless technologies.

Senior EMC/RF Project Engineer

Min Xie

With a Master's in Engineering from the University of Waterloo and expertise in EMC and wireless testing/certification; Min boasts over 15 years of experience with Global Advantage, Global EMC and has worked extensively with companies in Power Generation industries (OPG, Kinectrics, BWXT, and Westinghouse), in Industrial Automation (ATS, Ramp Automation, etc.) and in Medical Device manufacturer (Medtronic, BSCI, Synaptive Medical, etc). Recognized as a subject matter expert in EMC and wireless testing, he has spearheaded challenging certification projects across diverse and unique devices.

Senior Business Development Officer

Doug McIntyre

Doug McIntyre, with over 50 years in the industry, played a pivotal role in the successful IPO of Xenos Group Inc. and has been instrumental in nurturing startups in York Region. As a co-founder of Global EMC Inc., he focused on wireless and Bluetooth certifications, establishing a Montreal lab and managing quality control. Recently, he returned from retirement to assist early-stage companies and high-tech incubators in gaining necessary device certifications for competing in the global market.

Account Relationship Manager

Larry Cook

Larry Cook’s (Cookie!) lengthy career in the world of high-tech ranges from the sales manager of component manufacturers and long-term service in the engineering services industry. A few years ago, he was part of the predecessor Global EMC for several years until purchased by a foreign company. Shifting to certification labs, QAI, and Nemko, he has now rejoined many friends in developing Megalab Group Inc’s business development team. His extensive client contact list and lengthy industry experience are key to Megalab’s significant early growth.

ISO Consultation/Medical Device Quality

Vince Hamilton

Vince, with 30+ years in business development, production, and R&D, specializes in mass spectrometers, biosensors, and scientific equipment. He's experienced in C-level roles, focusing on R&D and operations in medical and biotech research fields across Ontario and Federal sectors. Recently, he's been developing a Quality Management Systems department at Megalab, providing consulting for operational expansion. Vince excels in ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 14971 standards, ensuring top-quality management and regulatory compliance.

Megalab offers ISO 17025 A2LA Accredited, EMC, Product Safety, Mechanical & Laboratory Testing Services

Megalab Group Inc. and its team are committed to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations as an industry leader in environmental and related regulatory testing services, through constant business improvement while upholding the highest integrity and quality in standards of all services we provide.

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