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Welcome to MEGASIM Consulting Services, a distinguished division of the Megalab Group. At MEGASIM, we specialize in the fusion of test and simulation to deliver innovative solutions for complex engineering challenges.

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Introducing MEGASIM Consulting Services

Welcome to MEGASIM Consulting Services, a distinguished division of the Megalab Group. At MEGASIM, we specialize in the fusion of test and simulation to deliver innovative solutions for complex engineering challenges.

Advanced Simulation Expertise

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team at MEGASIM harnesses cutting-edge computer simulation technologies to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Leveraging state-of-the-art software, we offer a range of analyses including structural (linear and non-linear, static, fatigue), fluid mechanics, and thermal/thermo-mechanical analysis. With years of experience and access to high-capacity computing resources, our skilled staff delivers precise results efficiently.

Trusted Partners in Decision-Making

Establishing the credibility of simulation models is crucial for making informed decisions in design and certification processes. MEGASIM serves as your trusted partner, enabling faster and safer innovation for our clients.

Your Path to Success

At MEGASIM, we are committed to guiding you through engineering challenges with precision and efficiency. Collaborate with our consultants to unlock innovative solutions and optimize your product development process.

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Discover how MEGASIM can elevate your engineering projects to new heights. Reach out to us for a consultation and experience the power of fusion between test and simulation.

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Sample Project

Design and Analysis of  heat exchangers for DHP company. 

Purpose: Structural integrity of the system under operational loads.
Challenges: Detailed assembly simulation and high quality results for local life and fatigue estimation under various temperature.

Sample Project

Amusement Park Rides

Purpose: Multibody Dynamics analysis of the whole mechanism considering schatter in loading
Challenges: Combination rigid body dynamics and stress analysis - life and compliance study

Sample Project

Distillation tower made of SA 516 Gr 70

Purpose: Stress and deformation analysis under internal pressure of 5.86 MPa
Challenges: Large size equipment - 30 meter height and 3 meter diameter.

Sample Project

Gas reservoir pressure vessel - SA 516 Gr 70

Purpose: FFS evaluation
Challenges: Fracture mechanics and life extension with many blister cracks

Sample Project

Implant design and simulation - Fractured Mandible repairing with plate and screws (Champy technique)

Purpose: Structural performance of repair
Challenges: Highly nonlinear pull out analysis, bio material characterization and moeling techniques

Sample Project

Wagon Manufacturing Projects - Design and analysis of Aluminum carbody wagons

Purpose: Vibration and stiffness performance of carbody for NVH, ride and comfort requirements
Challenges: Requirement of 95% correlation with test

Sample Project

Computational fluid dynamic and thermal analysis of Lithium-ion battery pack with air cooling

Purpose: Thermal performance of the battery pack when the battery pack is large and full transient simulation is not viable
Challenges: In order to show the accuracy of the measurements, a thorough uncertainty analysis was performed

Sample Project

Thermal Analysis: Fire and Thermal shock

Purpose: Thermal and mechanical loading, lamina stacking sequence and lamina thickness to establish safe working conditions and design limits for hydrogen storage cylinders.
Challenges: Fire modeling through combustion models and long CPU time

Sample Project

Crash/Post Crash/Drop Test/Vibration, Mounting system and Vessel

Purpose: Structural Integrity of both Mounting system and Vessel
Challenges: Calibration, Material modeling, Advanced fracture mechanics

Sample Project

Fire Safety Engineering

Purpose: Fire and Smoke Propagation Modelling
Challenges: Particle flow, Multiphase analysis, large space