What is Climatic Simulation (Temperature & Humidity) Testing?

Accelerate the climatic ageing of your products while testing their resistance and functionality via heat, cold, humidity, and extreme temperature fluctuations. Our climatic chambers are linked to mechanical and hydraulic systems, allowing for combined tests on vibrations, temperatures, mechanical stresses, endurance, fluid circulation, pressure variation, and related stress factors.

Why do manufacturers conduct Temperature & Humidity Testing?

Temperature and humidity testing allows for the discovery of several failure modes associated with extreme temperatures alone and well as extreme temperatures along with high humidity. In the case of an extreme temperature and high humidity test, it allows for the verification of the impact of oxidation or corrosion phenomena, swelling of certain materials, delamination of composite materials, or even changes in thermal and electrical insulation characteristics.

How can Megalab Lab Help?

We have the capability to evaluate your product for humidity and extreme temperature resistance according to multiple internationally recognized standards. To achieve compliance with common standards, products must demonstrate an acceptable level of humidity and temperature protection. Humidity- and extreme temperature-resistant ratings are also often required by sellers or retailers before a product is purchased from manufacturers and resold to consumers, regardless of a product’s intent to protect against humidity and extreme temperature.

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