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India Ex certification agencies: 

  • Chief Controller of Explosives (CCOE),non-mining
  • Directorate General Of Mines Safety (DGMS),mining

Applicable PESO/DGMS standards: 

  • Explosives Rules of 2008
  • Petroleum Rules of 2002

IECEx certificate/report/QAR:  Acceptable

Factory inspection: No need

Local representative: Yes, it’s needed, called the “AIR”

Certificate validity: 5 years (till Dec.31st of 5th year)

Sample requirement: No sample

Document checklist: English manual, technical drawings, product specification and others

Lead time:  1-2 months

Certification procedure: 

  • Application submission
  • Document review
  • Draft report/certificate review
  • Issue of PESO certificate

Products in scope:

  • Gas cylinders/valves/regulators
  • Pressure vessels and their fittings
  • Gas cylinder filling plants
  • Factories for the manufacture of pressure vessels and their fittings, gas cylinder valves, LPG regulators and petroleum tankers and their fittings
  • CNG filling stations
  • Storage facilities for filled gas cylinders.
  • Storage facilities for compressed gases in pressure vessels
  • Car LPG dispensers
  • LPG filling stations
  • Flameproof, intrinsically safe and special electrical equipment suitable for use in hazardous areas with flammable gases/vapours.
  • Flameproof equipment
  • Mechanical components installed in hazardous areas
  • Petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, calcium carbide factories and acetylene gas generating plants
  • And more

Other applicable regulatory requirements: BIS, WPC and etc.

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