What Is Corrosion Testing?

Corrosion testing provides essential information throughout a product’s life cycle, from material selection at the start of the design process to quality control and failure analysis. Corrosion has an impact on the reliability and structure of a metal product. Corrosion can also cause health and environmental problems.

In the industrial sector, understanding corrosion is a major issue. Corrosion testing will identify the specific corrosion-weak areas of your product, whether external or internal, so that you can adapt your product with long-lasting and dependable solutions.

- Why do manufacturers conduct Corrosion Testing?

Corrosion testing can help predict the corrosion resistance of materials to estimate an equipment’s life cycle, compare different materials, and assess a material’s behavior in a specific corrosive environment. Corrosion testing can also help manufacturers understand if coating processes are performing to specification. In addition, the conditions for triggering corrosion processes such as “filiform corrosion” or “crust corrosion” can be recreated in corrosion test chambers, according to international standards.

How can Megalab Help?

We have the capability to evaluate your product for corrosion resistance according to multiple internationally recognized standards. To achieve compliance with common standards, products must demonstrate an acceptable level of corrosion protection. Corrosion-resistant ratings are also often required by sellers or retailers before a product is purchased from manufacturers and resold to consumers, regardless of a product’s intent to protect against corrosion.

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