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What type of corrosion testing services does Megalab offer?

Our corrosion testing laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experts in the field of corrosion testing. We offer a wide range of corrosion testing methods, including accelerated corrosion tests, copper corrosion tests, electrochemical corrosion tests, cyclic corrosion tests, and salt spray tests. Our services are based on the latest ASTM corrosion testing standards and we are committed to providing accurate and reliable results.

What is the B117 Salt Spray Test and what information does it provide about the corrosion resistance of materials?

The B117 Salt Spray Test is a popular variant of the ASTM B117 standard and is used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of materials, such as coatings, finishes, and other protective materials. The test involves exposing the materials to a controlled environment of salt spray, which simulates the corrosive effects of saltwater. The results of the test can provide valuable information about the corrosion resistance of the materials and can be used to make informed decisions about their use in various applications.

What type of corrosion testing methods does Megalab offer, specifically in regards to salt spray testing?

We also offer Cass corrosion testing, which is another popular method for evaluating corrosion resistance. Our salt spray testing labs are equipped to perform salt spray corrosion testing and salt spray fog testing, and we are committed to providing accurate and reliable results.

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