EMI Site Survey

Megalab Group provides a suite of in-situ automated tests for emissions and immunity checks. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your EMC site survey requirements.

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Main Reasons for a EMC and EMI Facility assessment

An EMI facility assessment measures electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequencies (RF) in a location. This helps assess how well a building shields these waves. It’s used in military bases, hospitals, and even homes for security, health, and equipment protection. With growing electromagnetic threats, facility assessments are increasingly important.

Specialised EMC and EMI facility assessments: Implantable Devices

An unbiased measurement of possible EMI threats is an Electromagnetic Interference facility assessment (EMI facility assessment). An implantable electrical device such as a pacemaker or defibrillator may be harmed due to potential EMI hazards. A trained and certified independent research laboratory such as our company, in conjunction with the employer, device provider, patient and physician, should complete the evaluation.

Conducting a site assessment is performed via an EMI site test inside the facility. A wide range of accredited standards and criteria are used by our company to assess which EM (electromagnetic) fields exist. After completing the on-facility assessment, our company will issue a comprehensive facility assessment report to the customers.

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