Main Reasons for a EMC and EMI Facility assessment

The EMC of a facility is assessed by an EMI facility assessment. EMI and RF (radio frequency) present in a location are determined by a facility assessment. EMC is capable of assessing the RF and EMI frequencies and levels at a venue.

Military bases, hospitals, schools, warehouses, and workplaces provide venues that often need facility assessment testing. Also, some homeowners seek assessments of EMI sites. A facility assessment has many uses. Security is an increasing issue, especially with the ever-evolving threat of black hat hackers and active malicious threats. Two other driving factors are health and safety. Faulty equipment affected by RF is another reason for completing a facility assessment.

In modern times, with the advent of a range of electromagnetic threats, facility assessment is an ever-increasing requirement. A growing number of facilities are looking to extend their capacity to block RF.  EMC is allied to the military, infrastructure, defense contractors, and hospitals. Their goal is also to assess the manner in which electromagnetic waves are blocked by buildings and spaces and determine the most favourable way to increase that resistance. For this reason, we have considerable experience offering EMI facility assessments.

General Steps for an EMI On-Site and In-Situ assessment

Not all devices are capable of fitting into an EMC test chamber or are capable of being transported. We are able to complete EMC on-site testing with this system where conditions do not warrant chamber testing. EMC on-site testing is often referred to as EMC in-situ testing.

In-situ testing may be performed using any number of methods – in an enclosed area, where environmental signals are minimised, testing can take place. On-site EMC tests take place at the fixed position if chamber based testing is not an option. In-situ assessments may include both emissions and immunity testing.

Fully automated tests are available for emissions and immunity checks, these tests follow the same evaluation protocols as an in-chamber test. When evaluating the performance of the system being tested, ambient signals are identified and assessed as part of the evaluation method.

Conducted emissions, EMF, and microwave field assessments are some of the more common in-situ project scopes – Our on-site testing is customer-based, as is the case with lab testing. Throughout the whole evaluation programme, client communication will be maintained. We will easily finish the tests and have a detailed test report. We are ISO-17025 certified and our reports are world-renowned. Our EMC engineers are very experienced in problem-solving. They deliver engineering advice that can solve challenges that might emerge. Our machinery is compact and small quarters can accommodate it. We will travel rapidly with a large workforce and robust machinery. Scheduling lead times are short. We may also help with the creation of a test plan as well. The areas to work more on can be defined via our EMC facility assessment insights. Our on-site equipment monitoring is optimized. We appreciate quantity over quality and, thus, refuse to over-test. Nor do we allow the test results to be muddied by ambient signals.

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Specialised EMC and EMI facility assessments: Implantable Devices

An unbiased measurement of possible EMI threats is an Electromagnetic Interference facility assessment (EMI facility assessment). An implantable electrical device such as a pacemaker or defibrillator may be harmed due to potential EMI hazards. A trained and certified independent research laboratory such as our company, in conjunction with the employer, device provider, patient and physician, should complete the evaluation.

Conducting a site assessment is performed via an EMI site test inside the facility. A wide range of accredited standards and criteria are used by our company to assess which EM (electromagnetic) fields exist. After completing the on-facility assessment, our company will issue a comprehensive facility assessment report to the customers.

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