What is Vibration & Shock Testing?

Vibration and shock testing aids in determining the dependability, endurance, resistance, and accelerated ageing of industrial products from a variety of industries, including automotive, medical, and aerospace. These tests allow for the evaluation of a product’s mechanical behavior under normal or severe operating conditions. Vibration and shock testing can reveal structural flaws or flaws in the design.

Why do manufacturers conduct Vibration & Shock Testing?

Manufacturers can use vibration testing to ensure the quality and durability of finished products and their components. They can reveal design flaws that would otherwise be hidden during transport, commissioning, and use. Some of these tests, such as those used to identify parasitic noises (buzz, squeak, and rattle) in vehicle interiors, can also detect the presence of irritating noises. To simulate the constraints associated with rapid temperature rises and falls, environmental agent resistance tests must combine vibration tests and climatic chambers. They are typically performed on industrial products and electronic components, as well as medical and military equipment.

How can Megalab Lab Help?

We have the capability to evaluate your product for vibration and shock resistance according to multiple internationally recognized standards. To achieve compliance with common standards, products must demonstrate an acceptable level of vibration and shock protection. Vibration- and shock-resistant ratings are also often required by sellers or retailers before a product is purchased from manufacturers and resold to consumers, regardless of a product’s intent to protect against vibration and shock.

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