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What is the CE (Conformité Européenne aka European Conformity) Mark?

Fun Fact: Why was the CE Mark created?

During the 1980s, manufacturers complained about the existence of “non-tariff” barriers preventing the free movement of their products in Europe. Specifically, Germany had been accused of using its elaborate technical certification system to “block at the border” (or, at least, slow down) products from other member countries. The majority of the issues centered around, certification system like electromagnetic compatibility. The CE Mark was introduced in July 1993 to equalize European certification standards during the time that Europe was deciding whether or not to found the European Union (EU). The EU was then officially formed in November 1993 with the Maastricht Treaty.

CE Description

The CE marking was created for the purpose of harmonizing European technical legislation. The CE marking confers the right of free movement throughout the territory of the European Union and specifically the European Economic Area. Where there is a European “New Approach” directives applicable to your product, the CE marking on the product, packaging, and/or corresponding literature would be required by law in all the Member States of the European Union.

In any situation, it is the duty of manufacturers to ensure that their goods meet the requirements of all Directives.

Megalab Group Inc. is an accredited test lab for Product Safety Testing, EMC, Wireless and Environmental testing services. Some or all of these will be required in order to comply with the CE mark requirements. Understanding international test standards and their variances within other countries is an integral part of the work we do to ensure that clients can submit the correct test report for device approvals.

The stylized letters “CE” are seen on the CE Mark itself. Any product with this labelling shall be deemed to conform, as provided for in the Directives, with acceptable European technical standards and documentation procedures.

What are the “New Approach” directives?

The “New Approach” directives are a set of regulatory standards designed to ensure harmony across the European Economic Area.

The directives cover a wide variety of test requirements for Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directives, MDR, Radio Equipment Directive, RoHS and many more.

Where a Directive involves the independent testing of goods and/or processes, certification or inspection by a “Notified Body” might be required.
MegaLab Group Inc. has formed partnerships with numerous Notified Bodies for categories where the Directive requires third-party inspection or quality assurance.

CE & Product Safety (PS)

CE-marking is a necessary compliance mark required for a wide range of electrical equipment before it can be placed in the EU market. Electrical equipment shall comply with the Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU). The CE Mark certifies declares that your goods meet the strict EU product safety requirement amongst other directives that may apply.

CE & Machinery Directive (MD)

The Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC of the European Parliament) is a European Union directive governing machinery and machinery components. Its key goal is to ensure a standard of protection in machinery placed on the market or put into operation in all member countries, as well as to ensure freedom of movement within the European Union. Any manufacturer or seller who wishes to market their goods in the EU or the EEA must comply with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Failure to comply could result in fines and product recalls, as well as a ban from distributing in Europe.

CE Application / How we can help

The CE Mark process can be facilitated by contacting Megalab Group Inc. to aid you in the process.
The CE Marking Application steps are as follows:

1. Identify the CE / New Approach directive(s) which apply to your product.
2. Determine the conformity assessment procedure for your product
3. Determine if there are any Harmonized European Standards applicable to your product
4. Test product using applicable standards.
5. Client will draw up and maintain required technical documentation as required by EU.
6. Prepare and sign EU Declaration of Conformity:
7. Affix the CE marking to the product +/- its packaging +/- accompanying literature
MegaLab Group Inc. operates as an accredited test lab for Safety, EMC, Environmental and Wireless services. These test reports are an integral part of the submissions that clients must make to European Union for their device approvals.

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