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CE Mark Testing Services: Ensuring Compliance with European Safety Standards

Comprehensive Testing Solutions for Products Seeking CE Mark Certification

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What is the CE Mark?

The CE marking is a symbol that shows a product meets European safety standards, allowing it to be sold freely across the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Understanding the “New Approach” Directives

The “New Approach” directives are rules set up to make sure products meet consistent safety standards across Europe. These rules cover various tests and certifications for different types of products like electronics, machinery, and medical devices.

Why is the CE Mark Important for Products?

Having the CE marking on a product means it meets EU safety standards, including specific directives like the Low Voltage Directive and the Machinery Directive. Without this mark, selling products in the EU could lead to fines or bans.

History of the CE Mark

In the past, European countries had different rules for certifying products, causing issues for manufacturers trying to sell across borders. To fix this, the CE Mark was introduced in 1993 to create a single certification standard across Europe.

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