What is durability testing?

Performance and endurance testing is a type of testing that determines the performance of a product, such as durability, velocity, scalability, handling and stability. The testing process involves manual and mechanical durability checks aimed at identifying faults and ensuring that the product is market suited.

Why is durability testing important?

Performance evaluation will help you to discover performance problems early on in the lifecycle of your product. You can reduce unnecessary delays and manufacturing costs by conducting performance checks from the beginning of product development through to final implementation. As test results are a crucial indicator of the quality of the product, performance testing also helps as an intermediary QA step.

How can Megalab Help?

We have the capability to build custom test fixtures, and work with engineering teams to assess durability as per internal or standard based test programming.

The majority of durability testing projects are custom; so, get in touch today to find out how we can help support your durability testing requirements.

Our Durability Services Include:

  • Lifecycle Durability tests
  • Functional tests
  • Handling tests
  • Safety tests
  • Manual Verification
  • Test Plan Creation
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