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What is ISED?

Fun Fact: If you have FCC certification, is ISED certification still required?

If your product has FCC-certification, it is not enough to satisfy Canadian requirements. The manufacturer will still need to receive ISED certification to sell their product in Canada. We suggest that FCC and ISED tests be done at the same time to save costs and time.

ISED Overview

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) is a federal government agency that seeks, through technical analysis, telecommunications policies, and other activities, to expand the world trade and create the dynamic marketplace.

What is ISED testing?

In order to sell a wireless device in Canada, testing and registrations must be performed. EMTS labs provides testing and report generation services and facilitates registration with ISED. Testing for various products is similar to FCC testing, in order to save cost and time speak with a Megalab engineer to ensure a smooth compliance process. The ISED certification logo includes the company number (CN) and the unique product number (UPN). The company can select their own UPN, but is assigned the CN. The products and possibly even its packaging must have the ISED label visibly. In special cases (as explained in RSP 100’s “Certification of Radio Apparatus” and or RSS-Gen), the label can be displayed electronically.

Why should you get ISED testing?

ISED/IC certification is a mandatory certification for wireless products entering Canada. For Un-intentional radiators testing requirements are similar to FCC 15 testing. Speak with a Megalab engineer to establish the standards that might apply to your device.

What are the steps in getting ISED certification?

The ISED application steps are as follows:
1. Contact Megalab to have your product analyzed, tested, and an ISED test report completed.
2. The test reports will be submitted to a foreign certification body
3. The client will receive a Certificate of Acceptance and have their product added to the Radio Equipment List (REL)
4. The product will be labelled as designated by ISED’s regulatory requirements

Megalab Group Inc. is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that can carry out ISED certification. The approval process and final cooperation with the authorities and local representatives is handled by the Foreign Certification Body. We will ensure that your product is rapidly and efficiently approved by the Canadian authorities so that you may market your product in Canada.


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