NRTL/C Approvals

Product certification services to ensure that your products follow OSHA & SCC specifications. Rely on Megalab Engineering to test, certify, and launch your products with trusted certification marks like cETLus.

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What is the NRTL program?

In the United States, companies rely on Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs) to make sure their products are safe. The NRTL program allows certain labs to test and certify products, ensuring they meet OSHA & SCC standards. Each NRTL has its own specific requirements for testing, and they use their own mark to show a product is compliant.

Which products need an NRTL label?

Products used in workplaces must be tested and certified by an NRTL accredited by OSHA & SCC. If you’re unsure if your product needs NRTL certification, contact MegaLab.

For products meant for the Canadian market, they should be tested and certified according to Canadian standards (CSA) overseen by the Standards Council of Canada.

What Are NRTLs?

NRTLs, or Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories, are labs approved by OSHA & SCC to certify products based on industry standards. Each NRTL has its own certification mark, ensuring compliance with regulations.

What Is NRTL Approval?

To sell electrical equipment in the US, manufacturers need certification from an OSHA-approved NRTL. The NRTL tests the product to national standards, and once approved, the manufacturer can use the NRTL mark.

Compliance vs. Certification

Some manufacturers claim “compliance” without official certification. It’s best to look for the NRTL mark and official listings to confirm certification.

What Is a NRTL Mark?

The NRTL mark shows a product meets electrical standards and can be placed on factory units. The NRTL also lists certified products online for reference.

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