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Korea KC Certification

KC is a mandatory system to sell only the certified by Korea certification body product. It prevents electrical appliances from causing any accidents by risk or malfunction and requires compliance in accordance to Electrical Appliances Safety Control Act and related law.

KC has 3 schemes to confirm compliance:

  • KC Safety Certification
  • KC Safety Confirmation
  • KC Supplier Confirmation

KCC certification agencies: KTR, KTC and KTL

IEC CB certificate/report:  Acceptable
IEC62368 is now acceptable in South Korea

Factory inspection: No

Local representative: No

Certificate validity:  infinite

Sample requirement: No

Critical component requirements: IEC or KC approved

Document checklist: Korean manual, technical drawings, product specification and others

Lead time:  3-6 weeks

Certification procedure: 

  • Application submission
  • Document review
  • (KC factory inspection if applicable for KC certification)
  • Draft report/certificate review
  • Issue of KC certificate

KC marking requirements:

  • Safety Certification Mark with KC Application Number
  • Product Name
  • Model Name
  • Input Rating
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Production date (e.g. year and month of the production date or lot number
  • Phone number or address of service provider in Korea
  • Korean RRA Mark if applicable

Products in scope:
1. Wire and cable
2. Electrical switch
3. Capacitor and power supply filter
4. Electrical equipment parts and connecting parts
5. Electrical protection parts
6. Transformer Transformers
7. Household appliances
(1) Electric cleaner
(2) Iron
(3) Dishwasher
(4) Kitchen electric appliances
(5) Washing machines and dehydrators
(6) Hair dryer
(7) Insulation and incubator
(8) Kitchen electric machine
(9) Liquid heater
(10) Electric pad
(11) Steam heating machine
(12) Water heater
(13) Refrigerator
(14) Microwave oven
(15) Household sewing machines
(16) Charger
(17) Liquid pump
(18) Electric heating machine
(19) Steam sauna machine Steam sauna machine
(20) Appliances for watch and pets
(21) Bubble generation device
(22) Electric insecticide device
(23) Electric bathtub
(24) Air cleaner
(25) Vending machines
(26) Fans and range hoods
(27) Toilet equipment
(28) Humidifier
(29) Electrosprayers
(30) Electric disinfection machine
(31) Food processor
(32) Sausage towel packaging machine

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