Global Market Access Hazloc


Brazil Regulation Body: National Institute of Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO)

Brazil Ex certification body (OCD): NCC, BRA and others

Applicable INMETRO standards:  INMETRO No. 179/2010

IECEx certificate/report/QAR:  Acceptable

Factory inspection: No

Local representative: Yes

Certificate validity: 5 years

Certificate maintenance period: 18 months

Sample requirement: No

Document checklist: Portuguese manual, technical drawings, product specification and others

Lead time:  2-3 months

Certification Models:

  • Type tests, Quality System Evaluation and Surveillance
  • Batch (Lot) Certification
  • Special Situation for Imported Products (CSE)

Certification procedure: 

  • Application submission
  • Document review
  • Draft report/certificate review
  • Issue of INMETRO certificate

Products in scope: all Ex products

Other applicable regulatory requirements: ANATEL and etc.

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