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What is Electromagnetic Emissions Testing?

Electromagnetic noise produced by an electrical / electronic device can be measured by an electromagnetic emission test. These measurements aim to ensure that all emissions from the system are lower than the corresponding product standard testing limits. Electromagnetic Emissions Testing can be separated into two main subsections: radiated emissions and conducted emissions.


What is Radiated Emissions Testing?

Radiated emissions monitoring entails measuring the electromagnetic field intensity of emissions generated by your electrical product. Emissions are implicit in the switching voltages and currents of any digital circuit; the only question is how high the emissions are and if they conform with the emissions limits.

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What is Conducted Emissions Testing?

Conducted RF emissions are electromagnetic voltages (or currents) generated by electrical and electronic operation of a device. When measuring conducted emissions on a power line the standard is restricting the amount of electromagnetic energy a device generates and puts it on the electrical supply / grid.

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