What Stresses do Packages Undergo?

Packages are guaranteed to be subjected to mild degrees of effects, compression, and vibration during this operation. Shipping companies make an attempt to handle shipments kindly, however the only maxim that safeguards companies from broken goods is assurances generated by stress testing.

Why Conduct Package Testing?

Damaged goods result in reduced sales due to insurance lawsuits, decreased customer confidence, and increased production to replace damaged products. If the order leaves your distribution facility, it is up to delivery providers to efficiently carry your goods to the next destination. This ensures that packages must be loaded, stacked, shipped, and unloaded before they arrive at their destination.

When do I do Package Testing?

Package inspection should always be conducted prior to the shipping of large products. It is often more cost effective to test your packaging than to have a large portion of your product remanufactured due to shipping damage.

Additionally, package testing should be conducted if a product’s design, content, or part is changed. Minor modifications can have an unintended effect on the product’s longevity or packaging effectiveness.

How can Megalab Help?

The International Safe Transport Association (ISTA) has accredited Megalab to conduct a variety of package and transportation tests in order to provide a laboratory simulation of the forces and conditions that cause damage in transport environments.

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View the ISTA 3A Test Video

For Packages Equal To/Under 150 LB/68 kg in experimental phase, used to simulate parcel carrier shipments from courier services.

How much does ISTA 3A Testing Cost?

ISTA 3A test programs vary by size, relative box dimensions, fragility/liquid content status, preconditioning requirements, and customer damage tolerance criteria/evaluation requirements. Contact us to learn more about how we can tailor testing programs to meet your requirements.

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Our ISO 17025 Accredited Package Testing Standards

  • ISTA 1A
  • ISTA 1B
  • ISTA 1C
  • ISTA 1D
  • ISTA 1G
  • ISTA 1H
  • ISTA 2A
  • ISTA 2B
  • ISTA 2C
  • ISTA 3A
  • ISTA 3B
  • ISTA 3F
  • ISTA 6-AMAZON.com-Over Boxing
  • ISTA 6-FedEx-A
  • ISTA 7D
  • ASTM D5276-98
  • ASTM D5487-16
  • ASTM D999
  • ISO 16750-3