EMC Pre-scan

Pre-Scan & Pre-Compliance Measurement Services

Megalab Group provides comprehensive EMC pre-scan measurement services to assess your product's initial performance with confidence. Pre-scans done early with expert help can ensure your radio product avoids FCC compliance delays and meets emission requirements.

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Why conduct an EMC prescan?

Making final EMC measurements can take a long time. It is extremely inefficient to take a final measurement at every frequency in the compliance frequency range, whether there is an emission or not. Prescans are used to generate a suspect list of emissions from a device under test (DUT), allowing you to focus final measurement efforts only on frequencies with known emissions, saving time and money.

  • Pre-scan your device early to avoid FCC certification delays.
  • Consider FCC restrictions for radio devices.
  • Fix any design flaws to pass FCC tests with some headroom.

How can a prescan help prepare a product for formal testing?

EMC risk assessment and testing, if performed during the design cycle of a product’s development phase, will aid in the identification of any components emitting electromagnetic properties. An EMC pre-scan of a product for electromagnetic emissions results in product modification to eliminate emissions prior to the required formal EMC test.

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