LEAN Process Improvement (Six Sigma)

LEAN Process Improvement & Quality Management System Consulting

Our methods address your business challenges with outcomes that stick, allowing you to stand apart from the competition.

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What is Structured Process Improvement?

Every business delivers value to its customers through an interconnected collection of business processes. Good processes help us deliver value easily and reliably, while bad ones can make work tedious and leave our customers frustrated.

Structured Process Improvement, commonly referred to as Lean Six Sigma, is a comprehensive body of knowledge that offers a reliable way for organizations to build efficient and effective internal business processes.

  • Process performance is rigorously measured and analyzed to uncover improvement opportunities that elevate the overall performance of the organization.

Why is Process Improvement Important?

Creating resilient internal processes allows your organization to work efficiently while delighting your customers. Simultaneously building customer loyalty while reducing internal costs is the goal of every profit-minded business. Improving internal processes can free staff from mundane work so that they focus their talents on moving the business forward.

How Can Megalab Help?

We use a three-pronged approach to transform your business:

  1. Align: We align our methods with your business challenges.
  2. Plan: We devise comprehensive plans to address these challenges.
  3. Execute: We execute these plans with precision, ensuring outcomes that stick and allowing you to stand apart from the competition.

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