What is Altitude Testing?

Products and equipment used at extreme heights must be tough enough to resist the harsh circumstances they will confront. Accurately duplicating temperature, humidity, and atmospheric conditions need specially built facilities where controlled, exact altitude testing can be undertaken.

Why do manufacturers conduct Altitude Testing?

Altitude testing must be performed for products that are manufactured for use in avionics and other aerospace applications. But, in actuality, any pressurized vessels (ex: scuba tank) that may be transported by air should be tested. Medical manufacturers can test their medical devices transported by air. If you have products that provide critical care, mission-critical operation or must have high reliability and could be transported, shipped or hand-carried by its user then altitude testing should be included as part of a robust test plan.

How can Megalab Help?

We have the capability to evaluate your product for atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity resistance according to multiple internationally recognized standards. To achieve compliance with common standards, products must demonstrate an acceptable level of atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity protection. Extreme atmospheric pressure-, temperature-, and humidity-resistant ratings are also often required by sellers or retailers before a product is purchased from manufacturers and resold to consumers, regardless of a product’s intent to protect against extreme atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity.

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