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What is Information Technology / Audio-Visual (IT/AV) Testing?

IT/AV Overview

Testing and certification of audio, visual, and information technology equipment is needed for their acceptance in major global markets. Almost every worldwide accreditation agency requires that technology be tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and product safety.

What is IEC/EN/UL/CSA 62368-1?

The new Audio/Visual format (A/V) and Internet Technology Equipment standard is IEC/EN 62368-1. The new hazard-based safety engineering standard replaced the recommendations of IEC 60065 and IEC 609501 to minimise risks/hazards associated with system design. Manufacturers should be conscious that IEC 62368 is not the same as IEC 60065 or IEC 60950. Products that meet legacy standards cannot be assumed to meet IEC 62368-1 requirements. This necessitates a careful examination of the design features and components in order to ensure compliance to determine the required modifications to your product.

How can Megalab help?

Audio, visual, and information technology devices are checked for compliance by using a series of rigorous tests to identify any flaws or health hazards that these systems may pose. An inspection of electronics to ensure compliance with national and international safety and health standards assures authorities, retailers, and consumers that the equipment is safe to use.

MegaLab Group Inc has a broad range of audio/visual inspection and validation services, including product safety certification and environmental sustainability verification, FCC wireless A/V certification, and the required EMC testing. We will assist you in reviewing your product for all necessary audio/visual inspection and validation services.

IT Products

IT equipment is a commodity group or family that is comprised of instruments used in data collection, processing, storage, and retrieval.

AV Products

Though AV products are now covered under the unified standard IEC 62368 Ed. 3, professional AV product EMC standards are encompassed by EN55032, EN55103-1, and EN55103-2. Home AV products are encompassed by EN 55032 or EN 55013 and EN 55020. Home AV products encompass all things used in the home and office, including radios, amplifiers, and televisions.

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